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      What‘s Grinder

      Sand mill is also known as ball mill. It is mainly used for wet grinding in all walks of life. According to its performance, it can be divided into vertical ultra-fine nano sand mill, horizontal bar pin sand mill, horizontal disc sand mill, basket sand mill, etc. It is mainly composed of body, grinding cylinder, disperser, bottom valve, motor and material cylinder of feed pump. The feeding speed is controlled by feed pump. The grinding media of the equipment are generally divided into zirconia beads, alumina beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc. Generally, pneumatic diaphragm pump is used as conveying pump. Gear pump, peristaltic pump and other thick slurry pump are recommended for special materials.

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      Horizontal nano sand mill

      NNM series

      Grinding to nano grinding machine

      Design of rod pin grinding chamber

      Batch cycle grinding, easy to operate

      Horizontal circulation has large flow rate and high efficiency...

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      Horizontal disc sander

      NHE series

      The grinding fineness of the material can reach micron, and the submicron level is less than or equal to 1um

      Reasonable design of eccentric disc of grinding chamber is the result of a large number of experimental data and arranged in a certain order of fluid mechanics

      The whole grinding cavity is subjected to radial force, and the large area eccentric plate produces high-density grinding energy, and the grinding medium produces uniform energy balance on the material

      The work is convenient, flexible and easy to operate...

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      Horizontal nano grinding machine

      NNM series

      Grinding machine for grinding to nanometer level

      Design of rod pin grinding shaft

      Batch, cycle grinding, easy to operate

      Large circulation flow and high efficiency...

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      Novartis designs the core technology of grinding components through the research and application of fluid mechanics and mechanochemistry, and combines the grinding technology verified by scientific experiments with the grinding equipment of high quality, and provides dispersion and nano grinding technology for the dry and wet grinding fields of materials. The existing dry universal air flow grinder, wet nano rod pin horizontal sand mill and wet disk horizontal sand mill are available It is widely used in industrial coatings, ink, paint, food, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals, ceramics, mineral processing, papermaking, cellulose, pesticides, batteries, new nano materials and other fields.

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